Water purification


A vital solution at sea

Access to fresh water is vital at sea

Over the last 30 years, ENWA has supplied reverse osmosis equipment for demanding conditions.

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Enwa - Reverse osmosis equipment

Enwa® reverse osmosis devices can produce water from 1.5 m³ to up to 3,000 m³ per day.

Enwa® reverse osmosis devices meet the highest standards. The most important customers are, for example, the military and oil industry.

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Reverse osmosis

Osmosis is used to separate different substances, and technology can reverse this process. By increasing the pressure of the "contaminated" liquid, the water is forced through artificial, semi-permeable membranes, separating the smallest particles (molecules and ions) from the pure water molecules.

A significant advantage of reverse osmosis water filters is that no chemicals are added during the "cleaning" process. Diaphragms are installed in a pressure vessel called a "module".

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