Sight Olo kaavat

Proven lab-level results without a lab

Sight OLO provides a 5-part CBC result with 19 parameters and advanced marking features for on-site testing. It is the first whole blood analyzer to receive FDA 510(k) approval for blood drawn directly from a fingertip or vein.

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Suitable for any clinical setting

Sight OLO has been validated for use in patients 3 months of age and older in a variety of CLIA-certified, moderately complex clinical settings, including hospitals, emergency departments, oncology clinics, pediatric clinics, and emergency rooms.

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A small amount of blood is required. Results in minutes

Each test requires only 2 drops of blood from a fingertip or vein. Sample preparation can be completed in less than a minute, and results are ready in minutes on a touch screen interface, as a printout, via email or LIS/middleware.

Easy to install and use

Sight OLO is factory-calibrated to facilitate quick installation with built-in fail-safe systems and requires no ongoing maintenance. Its deployment is effortless with minimal training and step-by-step on-screen instructions, enabling it to be used by operators of all skill levels. Additionally, OLO has an operator management feature that provides full control over the device, including operator activity traceability.

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No mess, no stress!

Sight OLO uses a single-use cartridge per test, which eliminates the need to acquire, store and dispose of reagents and liquid waste. The device can be used in a temperature range of 18–30 °C, and the test set can be stored in a temperature range of 18–26 °C.

Coagulation studies

Coag Sense INR/PT mittari

Coag-Sense INR/PT meter

Coag-Sense INRange® is a device used to measure blood prothrombin time. A blood sample is taken from the fingertip.

The INR clotting time test is a common method of assessing blood clotting time, especially in people taking warfarin or similar medications.

Coag-Sense test strips are required for this meter.

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