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EDAN i15 eläinlääkintä laite


i15 VET

Edan i15 offers unique features that cannot be found in other analyzers. It is light, portable and very easy to use.

The device is user-friendly and maintenance-free. Samples can be dispensed effortlessly into disposable sample cassettes, and results are available in less than a minute.

The device has a patented biosensor technology that enables the simultaneous measurement of up to 15 different parameters.

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H60 Vet laite, joka on tarkoitettu eläimille


H60 Vet

The H60 Vet is a veterinary hematology analyzer that provides a comprehensive 5-part CBC differential.

31 parameters, including ALY and LIC, can indicate several possible diseases.

The elegant design aims to ease users' workloads, and its Android-based system offers a smartphone-like user experience.

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H30 Vet laite tarkoitettu eläimille


H30 Water

The H30 Vet is a compact 3-part veterinary hematology analyzer with 25 parameters for CBC testing.

Micro-sampling is suitable for newborn animals. The user-friendly interface enables an easy and efficient workflow.

Independent algorithm and adaptive threshold ensure reliable performance.

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NX600V Fujifilma kolorimetrisia parametreja varten



The DRI-CHEM NX600V analyzer can quickly measure various colorimetric parameters and three electrolytes. It can pass 128 tests per hour.

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Fujifilmin nx700 laite



DRI-CHEM offers fast and reliable diagnosis for animals. The NX700V can be used intuitively, which allows anyone to use the system. In addition, its compact design gives flexibility in installation.

  • A real "walk-away" system
  • 10 µL sample per test
  • Efficient operation: up to 5 samples in one operation.
  • Large touch screen and new user interface
  • Intuitive and simple to use
  • No calibration
  • Reagent batch information can be easily entered using a QC card
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