Handling of hazardous waste


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Envomed 80 is designed to work on site, in hospital or clinic premises.

It includes an efficient 4-axis shredder and a chemical disinfection system.

In just 18 minutes, the Envomed 80 processes up to 80 liters of infectious and sharp medical waste. The result is a liquid phase that can be discharged into the sewer system, and a solid phase that is up to 80% less in volume and can be disposed of with normal municipal waste.

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After years of research, intensive study and development, Envomed® has created a decisive medical waste treatment solution. It removes resistant bacterial spores and achieves a 6-log reduction (STAATT level IV). The device first shreds the waste before sending it through the sterilization chemical process, while keeping it constantly moving. The residual liquid is non-toxic and can be safely drained through a standard sewage system.

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How does it work?

Biocetic is a powerful oxidizer based on the synergistic action of peracetic acid (PAA) and hydrogen peroxide (HP). The mixture is able to attack all cell components, especially proteins and enzymes. It is highly effective against the most difficult bacterial spores and is therefore known for its high sporicidal activity.

The components of Biocetic are biodegradable, and therefore at the end of the process, the solution can be exposed to the environment without causing harm.

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User interface

The innovative and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) is designed from a user-friendliness point of view. It uses animations, warnings and alarms to ensure the highest level of safety while allowing minimal interaction with the medical waste until it is fully sterilized.

Technician mode - The integrated technician mode allows technicians to service the Envomed 80, detect and deal with technical problems quickly and easily.

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Routine validation

Depending on regional regulations, routine validation tests are mandatory. This is to ensure that the sterilization process consistently produces valid results. Envomed can provide kits for routine self-validation, eliminating the need for external laboratory services. This enables testing following strict STAATT recommendations.

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Envomed® 80 – scientifically designed on-site solution for medical waste treatment.

Sanypick biogrip 60 litrainen säiliö


Hazardous waste container 60l

  • Volume: 60 liters
  • Double lid (filling hole that opens separately in the middle of the lid)
  • Dimensions 40x37x57 cm
  • Maximum filling weight 30 kg
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Sanypick biogrip 30 litrainen säiliö


Hazardous waste container 30l

  • Volume: 30 liters
  • Double lid (filling hole that opens separately in the middle of the lid)
  • Dimensions 40.5x38x33 cm
  • Maximum filling weight 15 kg
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