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Sight Olo verikuva analysaattori


OLO blood count analyzer

OLO is the first laboratory-level complete blood picture analyzer designed especially for treatment facilities.

By using digital microscopy in conjunction with artificial intelligence, OLO is able to deliver blood test results in just minutes, while providing the comprehensive scope and precise reliability of laboratory tests.

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TREL30 kliinisen kemian laite



Dry chemistry analyzer, versatile testing of clinical chemistry parameters:

  • Built-in automated pipetting system

  • No need for calibration or water requirements

  • 26 colorimetric tests and 3 electrolyte tests

  • A simple three-step procedure

  • User-friendly touch screen

  • No pretreatment is required

  • Only 10 microL/sample

  • Automatic dilution
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EDAN i15 eläinlääkintä laite



Edan i15 offers unique features that cannot be found in other analyzers. It is light, portable and very easy to use.

The device is user-friendly and maintenance-free. Samples can be dispensed effortlessly into disposable sample cassettes, and results are available in less than a minute.

The device has a patented biosensor technology that enables the simultaneous measurement of up to 15 different parameters.

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