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Data loggers

Accurate monitoring of temperatures in pharmacies, hospitals and laboratories is a vital part of quality control. Sensitive products require special attention to temperature fluctuations, and their improper storage or transportation can cause significant financial losses. Temperature management plays a key role in the entire supply chain.

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Hematology and coagulation studies

Get to know the Sight Olo® CBC Analyzer and Coag-Sense® PT2 Meter INR Clotting Time Tests.

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Clinical chemistry

Discover clinical chemistry tests, reagent kits and analyzers from top manufacturers.

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Quality control

On this page you will find different solutions for daily quality control, standards, calibrators and controls from top manufacturers.

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Temperature measurement

Strengthen the cold chain with innovative end-to-end solutions that leverage technology to connect suppliers, customers and brokers through real-time visibility.

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Hazardous waste treatment

Sorting of hazardous waste is necessary to manage and process hazardous medical waste. Get to know the solutions we offer for handling hazardous waste.

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Water purification

Get to know ENWA® reverse osmosis devices, which make it possible to make clean drinking water from salty seawater in an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly way, for example for the needs of ships.

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Get familiar with cross-testing equipment from top manufacturers. Get test results in minutes.

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Veterinary medicine

Get to know the devices of different manufacturers that offer record-breaking and reliable diagnosis for animals.

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