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Discover the Fuji DRI-CHEM NX600

The FUJI DRI-CHEM NX600 processes your samples fully automatically, thanks to ready-to-use unit-use reagents and automatic dilution. The built-in plasma separator produces clot-free plasma from lithium-heparin blood in 1 minute and then pipettes it fully automatically, so you don't have to spend so much time at the device.

Up to 20 test plates can be placed in the cassette and processed in one go. Fujifilm's NX600 system gives you up to 128 results per hour.

As a sample, you can use Li-heparin whole blood (3-5 ml), serum or plasma (minimum volume 100 µL). The system automatically pipettes 10 µL of sample material from the produced plasma per test plate. Only 50 µL is needed to measure electrolytes (Na, K and Cl) with an ion selective electrode (ISE), and even as little as 5 µL is sufficient for an immunological CRP test.

For immediate diagnostics near the patient without sample preparation, plasma is formed from Li-heparin whole blood with the help of a special filter. This process, as well as the further processing of the samples, is fully automatic. So you don't need to pipette the blood manually.

The ready-to-use plasma filter consists of several filter elements and a membrane that retains the cellular elements of the blood, and is also a unit-use product.

The analysis device determines, for example, 12 parameters from a whole blood sample in 8 minutes. A new sample can be started even during the work process of the first sample. Fujifilm DRI-CHEM test plates are used in colorimetry and potentiometry test methods. Neither type of dry chemistry requires daily calibration, as is usual with wet chemistry.

Fujifilm DRI-CHEM test plates achieve very high accuracy with standardized conditions (37 °C) and test-specific incubation times. You always get accurate results for many parameters with one device. In addition, up to 8 parameters (LDL, Non-HDL, GLOB, ALB / GLOB, BUN / CRE, GOT / GPT, Na / K) can be calculated.

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The new look of DRI-CHEM NX600

The layout makes it much easier to fill consumables. Storage trays enable the processing of several patient samples in a row without restocking.

Red Dot Design Award 2021 winner

Jury Reasoning
DRI-CHEM NX600 adapts perfectly to almost any work environment with its small dimensions and equally stylish as well as durable design.

FUJI DRI-CHEM NX600 Consumables

From the wide test spectrum of 29 measured parameters, you can individually adapt any combination of test plates and thus determine up to 22 parameters from one sample in a few minutes. You precisely measure the parameters you really need, and you are not tied to fixed test profiles.

Each box always contains 24 test plates per parameter and comes with a so-called QC card with test-specific production batch information and expiration date.

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