Helsingin Yliopistollinen Sairaala (HUS) on valinnut Envomed 80:n käsittelemään lääketieteellistä ja tarttuvaa jätettä paikan päällä

Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) has chosen Envomed 80 to process medical and infectious waste on site

Maabarot Metal Works Ltd (MMW) is pleased to announce that HUS Helsinki University Hospital has chosen the Envomed 80 to handle medical and infectious waste on site – saving at least 30% of waste handling costs for the hospital.

About Envomed® 80

Envomed® 80 is a scientifically designed on-site solution for the treatment of medical waste. Envomed® 80 simultaneously shreds and sterilizes medical waste using scientifically developed and proven technology capable of sterilizing medical waste to STAATT level IV. Offering HUS Helsinki University Hospital a very powerful and environmentally friendly solution, the Envomed 80 can process 80 liters of infectious and sharp medical waste in just 15 minutes.

Environmentally friendly, Envomed® 80 leaves a smaller carbon footprint than alternative treatment solutions on the market today. It was developed by Maabarot Metal Works Ltd, a company with extensive technical expertise and over 30 years of experience in providing specialized industrial machinery.

Recognizing the market need for efficient on-site medical waste treatment facilities, MMW made significant investments in research and developed a solution that is revolutionary from an economic, safety and environmental perspective.

No compromise on efficiency, the Envomed® 80 unit provides fully comprehensive validation using both solid and liquid phase real infectious waste, including protein, hemoglobin, carbohydrate, lipids and insoluble fiber.

Its sterilization process consistently demonstrates 6 LOG10/ml bacterial spore reduction, corresponding to STAATT level IV, according to ISTAATT guidelines (both liquid and solid phase). Currently, Envomed 80 is the only on-site medical waste treatment technology approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health due to the comprehensive validation requirements mentioned above.

About HUS Helsinki University Hospital

HUS is Finland's largest healthcare provider and the second largest employer. More than half a million patients receive treatment at HUS Helsinki University Hospital every year.

With the strength of 25,000 professionals who work for the best of all patients, HUS is responsible for specialized medical care for the residents of its 24 member municipalities. In addition, the treatment of many rare and serious diseases is nationally concentrated in HUS.

Historical waste treatment at HUS

In 2018, HUS Diagnostics Center produced a total of 156,127 kg of protected biological waste, of which 82,732 kg (53%) came from the HUS Diagnostics Center's building units, as well as the departments of Bacteriology and Pathology at Haartmaninkatu 3. At other locations of the HUS Diagnostic Center in the Meilahti area (sampling and blood center), the corresponding waste was 1,877 kg (1.2%).

Until now, the protected biological waste of the HUS Diagnostic Center has been handled by the subcontractor as biological hazardous waste. The costs related to the treatment of this bio-waste are significant and make up about 30% of the total waste costs.

As a university hospital, HUS is constantly developing its treatment methods and operations. Therefore, it was decided to look for ecological and financial savings by acquiring an on-site medical waste treatment solution.

After a strict selection process, Envomed® 80 was confirmed as the choice of HUS Helsinki University Hospital for on-site medical waste treatment.

Envomed® 80 was installed at HUS Helsinki University Hospital in the last quarter of 2020, and we believe that the decision to move medical waste processing on-site with Envomed 80 will bring significant savings to the hospital every year.

David Segev, CEO of Envomed, commented: “It is fantastic that such a forward-thinking hospital as HUS has recognized the potential of Envomed® 80 to revolutionize their medical waste management processes and achieved significant savings in the process”.

“Most countries still use large, non-incident, high-energy waste treatment solutions with significantly large carbon footprints that are costly financially, environmentally and in terms of public health. In addition, many traditional on-site solutions based on thermal treatment struggle to handle medical waste – especially liquid”.

"Envomed® 80, on the other hand, is already starting to change all this. By introducing a scientifically engineered, on-site solution capable of handling up to 80 liters of sharps and infectious medical waste in just 15 minutes, Envomed® 80 is revolutionizing the world of medical waste management”.

Erkki Matikainen from Diagnostica medical Oy – Envomed's distributor in Finland, commented: "We are happy that HUS has chosen Envomed as its supplier of medical waste treatment. The innovative technology behind the Envomed® 80 has made it easier for hospitals to abandon old-fashioned thinking and make positive changes to their medical waste management practices, and we look forward to helping HUS realize the benefits of its investment, both financially and environmentally.”

Envomed's innovative approach and advanced technology offer an environmentally friendly and efficient solution for the treatment of medical waste, and its introduction at HUS is a step towards more sustainable and cost-effective healthcare.

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